T1 modular kitchen

T1 is both a masterpiece of meticulous craftsmanship and a stunning example of contemporary design. When not in use, it works like a visual exclamation mark, stirring up the landscape of your home. Slide in the doors, press a button, and you have a supremely functional muse for culinary creativity. It’s the kind of Modular Kitchen Design that will be filled with adulation as much as it will be filled with people.

Modular kitchen design

Why fit in when you were meant to stand out?

Pure lines and vertical elements: this is what the future of the kitchen looks like. Well-appointed and classically elegant, T1’s stark, pared-down simplicity belies its incredible functionality. Clean, uninterrupted lines that seemingly disappear into themselves create a free-standing space that commands the eye in this Modular Kitchen Design.


A stunning amalgamation of glass, rough cut elm veneer and neolith stone. The 4 meter wide monoblock has a downdraft chimney, and two different glass surfaces for demarcation of function. The tall unit has retractable, patented TIARA glass doors and appliances that are the cutting edge in culinary technology. Light and equipped with anti-shock features, the doors maintain perfect flatness along with being 100% waterproof and non-deformable.

Modular Kitchen


Kitchen design