T2 Modular Kitchen Set

Subtle and restrained in its design, T2 is the perfect example of a lavish cooking space that is generous in its sizing and yet intensely personal in its feel. The languid cool of its counters melts into the soft brown of its fronts, allowing for a soothing visual experience. It’s the kind of kitchen that you can entertain in.

Modular Kitchen Set


A striking light panel sheds homogenous glow across the open-plan layout that remains connected through glass panelling and a breakfast counter while offering minutely planned space identity. The floating chimney offers a visual anchor to the symphony of steel, walnut and granite in this Modular Kitchen Set.

Take centre stage.

With plenty of space for free development and strong shapes T2 gives the kitchen its own individual structure. Each element divides space and defines function in a seamless flow. With outstanding options for organisation, here there’s a place for everything in this Modular Kitchen Set. Especially perfection.

Modular Kitchen Set Design