T5 Modular Kitchen

What is simple is also sublime.
Ergonomically designed for maximum ease of use and quick access,
T5 offers the subtlety of contemporary aesthetics with the familiarity of the traditional kitchen layout. With plenty of storage and
high-performance functionality, it’s the kind of a kitchen you can use with effortless charm.

Modular Kitchen

Perfection: Outside and Inside

We like to make the effort in our design, so you don’t need to take the effort in using it. The ArciTech from Hettich drawer systems deliver effective use of storage space and unparalleled convenience: from feather light glides to high-performance fittings. We don’t believe in waste of space: be it small niches, narrow cabinets or seemingly inaccessible corners, we make efficient use of space for clear view and easy access. Our flexible organiser systems, based on the modular principle, are adapted to your individual requirements.

Internal dividers of various sizes in walnut fit perfectly on beautiful, non-slip linings. Ergonomically shaped options for cutlery and kitchen tools offer a sensible and beautiful organisation system that guarantees order and clarity. Along with the advantage of technology, you get the comfort of guaranteed durability and TIARA’s impeccable customer service. It’s the kind of kitchen you can call an intuitive kitchen.