Modern Wardrobe Designs

Our contemporary, bespoke collection features a back-frame with precision-cut apertures designed for your needs, whether it’s free-standing, fitted, sliding, hinged or walk-in spaces. Mitred Wardrobe Designs are crafted with an integrated finger rail for ease of opening and to maintain the sleek, uninterrupted lines. Available in an endless combination of finishes, the Tiara wardrobe is a flawless example of a custom-made modern design.

Modern Wardrobe

This is what they mean by power dressing

From statement pieces to something more understated, every wardrobe at Tiara is something out of the ordinary; a striking example of skilled workmanship and superb design. Behind sleek, contemporary lines lie carefully-considered interiors and the most careful attention to detail which makes our Wardrobe Designs unique. Each design has stylistic flourishes juxtaposed with natural elements to create a modern and collaborative space.

A mastery of space and the finest craftsmanship

Tiara’s modern interpretation of the traditional almirah, the straight, undeviating forms and bold expressions makes for design by intent. Your wardrobe needs to say something about you, but it also has a job to do. Every Tiara wardrobe is a mastery of ergonomics and aesthetics: an enviable centrepiece, it will transform an everyday routine into a decadent experience.

Modern Wardrobe Furniture