Top Interior Design Ideas for Home

Bored with dull walls and monotonous interior trends? Read on to know the top interior design ideas for home that can lend visual weight to your room instantly!

Choose the right colour for your room

Did you know choosing the right colour tone for your rooms enhances the look and feel of the room? Using lighter colours gives a soothing and calm effect and accentuates the space. Experiment with colours like pink and grey; pink and orange and cool blue and white for master bedrooms which give a charming vintage feel. Avoid using darker colours for bedrooms as it makes the room space look smaller and boxed.

Light it up

Using the right lighting elevates the mood and ambience of the room. LED bulbs and lights can be used to uplift the decor. LED lights are efficient and productive and available in various sizes. The best part is they are suitable for all spaces, last longer and are worth your money.

Mix colour and textures

Create the right impact by adding a dash of colours and textures to your living room and bedrooms. Textures give your rooms an added pop! From rugs to pillows, furniture, quirky prints and patterns can instantly spell a caste on the onlookers. It uplifts the warmth and coolness quotient of your room. Crafting complete textured rooms with monochromatic and analogous color theme brings a sense of tranquility to your space.

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Adorn the walls with mirrors and art pieces and words

Add a synergetic appeal to your room with decorative mirrors. Mirrors help enhance the living room space and are perfect for empty walls. Using words gives a personal touch! Reading inspirational and funny quotes can help you kickstart your day and are the best when it comes to making your living space interactive and lively. Decorating walls with unique shelves further enhance the look of mundane plain walls.

Green solutions

Hanging green plants use less space yet are the best solutions for designing interiors. They help to reconnect with nature and creates a cooler atmosphere. The best part about using green plants for the decor is that they can be used in kitchens and living room both.

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