Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Gone are the days when kitchens were only synonymous to a functional unit or room in the house. In today’s times’ Kitchens are considered as the heart of a home. A Kitchen is a place where a family unites to share delicious meals and where the members of the family sit to discuss how their day was! The kitchen essentially becomes the most important room in the house. With the numerous advantages it provides don’t you think your ‘Kitchen’ must be the crucial place you should design and invest in?

What style of Kitchen do I want?

When you are planning for a kitchen remodel, the layout and functionality of your kitchen must reflect your needs, personality and lifestyle. There are many variations of kitchen styles you can choose from, however, the look that you select can be a blend of several styles.

(1) A clever Storage Design – Plan out your kitchen storage space. Opt for Cabinets, drawers and islands with a few space-saving ideas. Rethink and work on little nooks and niches and you’ll save ample counter space for days. A concealed and clean integration into kitchen design gives out maximized and clever storage solutions!

(2) Open Shelving is a new trend – Incorporating live-edge shelving can give a perfect rusty look to the kitchen. Floating shelves are usually used in a farmhouse style kitchen using reclaimed wood. It acts as a wonderful statement piece in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can also consider creating a right angle open shelve and make use of the corner space. They are best used for storing microwave and other less attractive kitchen gadgets. In traditional Kitchen Layouts, shorter cabinets are placed above the sink. It works as an ideal space for storing dish soaps and anything you don’t mind being exposed to humidity. Add a cute little house plant to add life to that space. 

Open shelves are the easiest way to update your kitchen. Without going for an entire kitchen remodel one can simply remove the doors from existing cabinets. You can also paint the interiors of the cabinets to give an artistic feel.

(3) Vintage Vibes Only – When it comes to vintage, opt for a serene and subtle mix of elements. White painted furniture with vintage details can be one of the good options for your kitchen design. You can also play with the 70’s vibe and geometric look by experimenting and adding geometric art to the walls.

(4) The Woody Effect Using polished wood gives a radiant look to your kitchen design. It can be incorporated in the form of cabinet doors. For a traditional look, use dark colour wood along with stones. You can also opt for limestone or bricks. For a complete rustic look, you can use natural wood which can add warmth to the area. A wooden kitchen can also be teamed up with a central island made from natural stone. Wood can also be used for storage space as it is easy to maintain and does not require regular touch-ups.

(5) Time to LIGHT your Kitchen up – Statement hanging pendants are important in denoting different areas of the kitchen. Elevate your dining area with pendant lights and sculptures. 

Your kitchen design can be a mix of classic and modern. Incorporating the above trends can help to make your kitchen look warm, welcoming and attractive! 

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