The Importance of Lighting in Custom kitchen designs

Lighting is considered as a key component in creating custom kitchens. Lightning adds functionality, drama and beauty. Well designed Kitchens incorporate 3 types of lightning when it comes to kitchen decor – Task Lighting, Accent Lighting and General Lighting.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to light up the work spaces i.e. counter tops, where the food is prepared. It can also be used inside the pantry closet so that you can see the goods stocked on the shelves. Low voltage LED strip lights or puck lights are used as task lights.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is one of the important lights that add depth and dimension to the Kitchen’s environment.

Adjustable fixtures and track lights can be used for accent lighting. It can be used to highlight a hood fan, painting, architectural features such as a fireplace or vaulted ceilings.

It indeed gives a museum effect that lights up each and every object installed in your kitchen space. Accent lighting is 3 times brighter than the surrounding light.

General Lighting

General lightning are the lights that fill in the gaps in areas where more lighting is required. Recessed lights are mostly recommended by kitchen planners to brighten up the kitchen space. Pedant lights installed over a kitchen island or chandelier lights also fall under the category of general lighting. 

Decorative Lights

Decorative lights are the ‘eye-candies’ of the Kitchen. The perfect ‘Architectural bling’ that adds the required interest and zing to your custom kitchen design. Light Fixtures are extensively used Kitchen islands. For a simple look, we recommend two large pendants or one statement pendant over the island.

Toe kick Lights

Installing lights underneath the cabinets illuminates the floor and acts as a functional night light. Toe lights allow you to walk in the kitchen and see the floors clearly.

Top 3 Lighting Tips

You must consider these three things when you are selecting light bulbs while planning your custom kitchen design –

1.Lumens – the amount of light produced

2. Kelvins –determines the light temperature. 2700K is warm light and 5000K is cool light.

3. CRI  – Colour Rendering Index (CRI) interprets the colour of light produced. A rating of 85-95 out of 100 is the most preferable.

Kitchen Lighting Dos and Don’ts

1.Don’t over install recessed and decorative lights. Avoid turning your kitchen  into an uninviting cave-like space.

2.Do consider function as well as form. Well-planned lighting is an essential part of Kitchen planning.

3.Don’t forget your kitchen is a unique space and has its own specific set of characteristics. A standard fixture that suits one home might not work well in others. You must opt for Custom fixtures which ensure that your kitchen lighting works perfectly in your space. 

4.Do think about the focal points. Installing pendant lights and chandeliers over the kitchen island give a rich visual impact your custom kitchen design.  

Lighting plays a crucial role in the overall design of the custom Kitchen. Plan out your Kitchen with the best Kitchen designing expert – Tiara, a premium kitchen designing company. Its time to let your Kitchen take the center stage!

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