Nine Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Disappear in 2020

Nine Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Disappear in 2020-Tiara Furniture Systems in Ahmedabad

Every new year brings along novel and innovative ideas and trends in various fields. It is no different for in the area of kitchen designs. And this time it is extra special as not only is it the new year, it is a new decade as well. Architects and design firms are upbeat about debuting the latest kitchen design trends in the market, but have a word of caution as well. Along with a must-have kitchen design trend list, there are many kitchen designs to avoid in 2020.

The top nine kitchen design ideas, which will take a backseat this new decade are the following:

Complete White Kitchens: Earlier, home owners would swear by all-white kitchens as it gives a classy and royal feel. That trend is now becoming boring and new kitchen designs are offering a mix of different colours like bold tones, wooden influences among others. The all-white kitchen trend is on its way out and newer colours and textures are filing in.

Metro-style Tiles: This popular style of rectangle tiles was introduced to the world in 2010 and became an instant hit. It was available in ivory, glossy black and Victorian green colours in homes and establishments. However, in recent times, this trend is seeing diminishing popularity as there are too many metro style tile trends in the market and overcrowding has led to decrease in interest and therefore demand. This trend will certainly disappear in the new decade.

Pot Racks: A colour co-ordinated collection of pots will definitely add to the beauty of your kitchen but it will be difficult to clean and maintain. A hanging set of pots are only easy on the eye but become a hassle when they are needed for daily use.

Coloured Cabinets: Bright-coloured kitchen cabinets and racks were highly popular at one point of time but now are not so much in demand. At present, home owners prefer cleaner lines, subtle colors and natural materials. People are looking for peace and calmness when they return from a crazy day and prefer lighter colours than loud, brighter ones.

Give up stainless steel:  Earlier, stainless steel was mainly used to add finish to your appliances, but that trend has changed with time. Stainless steel requires full-time maintenance and is very difficult to keep clean all the time. With many other affordable options being available in the market, people are opting out of steel and looking at solid and sturdy panels.

Open Kitchens: The concept of open kitchens was very popular days ago. However, nowadays with nuclear families being the trend, the open kitchen where everyone of the family can gather together is long gone. Modern day home owners are opting for closed spaces so that the kitchen and its components are distinct from the rest of the living spaces.

Minimum use of antiqueitems:  Antique items like valuable porcelains were earlier used to create picture perfect kitchen spaces. The picture may be beautiful but maintaining these items is a tedious task. So, in this new decade, the use of luxury items, open shelves will be minimum as they require regular cleaning and upkeep. Nowadays, most people keep away all the valuable items safely behind glass cabinets where they remain neat and safe.

Barn Doors: These types of doors were an integral part of kitchen designs of yesteryear’s. Today, however, there are no takers for them and they remain just an old kitchen design idea. The barn door design also doesn’t sit pretty with the modern-day kitchen design trends.

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Now that you are aware of the main kitchen design ideas to avoid for the new decade, work with Tiara Designs to select a unique and innovative kitchen design idea, which will completely transform your pantry area.