Modular kitchens are now an integral part of the Indian home. However, this was not the case some years ago. Most households, earlier, still used to prefer the normal old age kitchen as it suits their basic requirements and helps them function in a better manner. That trend or preference is changing with time as nuclear homes become the norm of the day. With lesser family members and longer working hours, such families, if given a choice would definitely opt for modular kitchens. So, the idea of setting up a modular kitchen in a typical Indian household does make sense.

Benefits of modular kitchens in Indian households

Whether one agrees or not, modular kitchens are here to stay in Indian households for a long, long time. There are many factors, which can be attributed to the popularity of modular kitchens in Indian homes. Some of the main ones are mentioned below.

A finished look

The main reason why families opt for modular kitchens is because that it gives a complete and finished look to the entire kitchen. The sleek and secure look of the in-built kitchen sits well with the sophisticated and polished feel of the entire house and gives the entire house a feeling of oneness and warmth. 

Easy to maintain

A big advantage of the modular kitchen design is that it reduces the work of cleaning and maintaining the kitchen. The shelves and cupboards of the modular kitchen are designed in such a manner that they can be easily removed and cleaned at one go. The smooth surface of the modular kitchen surface is very smooth and stain-free, so it is easy and fast to clean up after cooking.

Highly flexible

Another major reason why modular kitchen is so much in demand is because they are highly flexible. They are easy to pull apart and assemble. So, if a house owner is shifting from one place to another, then they can easily put apart and then reassemble the modular kitchen in their new place. 

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Customized designs

Many home owners have a dream kitchen and they are always on the look out for modular kitchen designs, which fit the bill. Modular kitchen designs are the best choice for people who want to set up a kitchen as per their choice as there are many customized designs available. In these customized designs, options like L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens, shelves, cupboards and cabinets as per our choice can be ordered and then your dream kitchen will soon become a reality.

Saves up space

Space is something all home owners living in big cities are always worried about. This is where the role of modular kitchens becomes important. The modular kitchen helps save up on a lot of space and in that process also offers enough area for kitchen functioning and storage. The adage “less is more” definitely works out well in the context of modular kitchen designs for Indian households. 

Given the Indian household incomes and living conditions, modular kitchens are the way forward as they fit in with the budgets and physical and social conditions of the average Indian family.

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