The kitchen is the most important part of any home as it is the place where good food and sweet memories are created. A well-designed kitchen is central to any home as if the kitchen is happy, the entire home is happy. In today’s times, there are many new modern kitchen designs available, which bring together inner satisfaction and beauty. Nowadays people are ready to take the risk of trying out these unique kitchen design ideas in the year 2020. It will make life more comfortable and stylish. If you are interested in knowing which are the five best modern kitchen design ideas that will dominate in 2020, then read on:

(1) Give Importance to Storage: The first thing to be kept in mind as soon as you think of kitchen design is storage. Indians are famous for storing up things and the new kitchen design must give enough priority to storage. The Indian kitchen is a mix and match of spices, powders, masalas, flours, and lentils- all kept in containers and boxes of different shapes and sizes. To include all this, interior designers suggest solid wooden cabinets, which offer a classy look as well as offer enough storage. If you have little kitchen space, then make use of white cabinets with glass doors to add not only space but vibrance to your storage area.

(2) Lighting Ideas: Proper lighting is crucial for any kitchen. As a lot of time is spent in the kitchen, designers should take special care to ensure that while cooking up a storm, there should be enough bright light to assist the homeowner. Install white-hued strip lighting under the cabinets, in the false ceiling, and between the cabinets to ensure that you have a bright, vibrant kitchen space to cook your favorite dishes.

(3) Different Counter Choices: Many people are of the opinion that marble slabs are a good choice for kitchen counters, but that is a bad choice. The best options are granite kitchen counters as they are easy to clean and remain intact for days together. If your kitchen is completely white, then add some color and glitz with help from a glossy kitchen counter, which is sure to brighten up your kitchen.

(4) Invest in flooring: When it comes to kitchens, floorings are of utmost importance. Always opt for a practical kitchen flooring like ceramic tile flooring compared to wooden flooring as it is more useful. Wooden tiles are more difficult to maintain when compared to ceramic tiles, which can be cleaned easily.

(5) And All Other Things: Another point to be kept in mind while deciding upon a modern kitchen design is whether it should be an open kitchen or a closed one. Both the designs have their pros and cons and a decision should be made keeping all the circumstances in mind. If you have two or more people working in your kitchen, then make use of a detachable kitchen counter to create more space in the cooking area.

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So, if you are planning a kitchen makeover or getting a new kitchen, do take some help from the above-mentioned tips and get going.