The living room is the most important part of any home as it is the first room anyone entering the house lay their eyes upon. As the saying goes, “First impression is the best impression”, so it is vital that the living room is decked up in an impressive manner. Along with the living room decor, one should give equal importance to the furniture design as well. The furniture is an integral part of any room and the living room is no different. The living room is also where you spend majority of your time with family and friends, so it is imperative that the furniture installed must be such that it is relaxing and comfortable. If you are on the lookout for ideas to upgrade your living room furniture designs, then you must definitely take a look at the following mentioned points:

Large Open Windows

If you have the option and space, it is always a good idea to install large open windows in your living room area as it will give an open and large feel to your home. Deck up the windows with some beautiful curtains and you are all set to invite beautiful sunshine and sights into your living room space.

Wall Mirror Decor

If you are in the mood to deck up your living room walls, then wall mirrors are a beautiful option. Available in different shapes and sizes, these wall mirrors are a beautiful addition to your living room decor. It is also a good idea to co-ordinate the mirror design with your other furniture design.

Glass top tables

Tables are an important component of any living room furniture, as they are used for both decorative as well as other purposes. Instead of choosing the glass top tables, make use of tables made of glass as not only will they give an opaque look but also add to the overall beauty of the living room.

Use Sustainable Material

If there is one thing, which people planning to upgrade their furniture designs must do in 2020 is to make use of sustainable and environmental-friendly material for their living room furniture designs. This will go a long way in reducing the ecological burden on Planet Earth.

Go for Bold Choices

While most people go for neutral palettes when choosing their furniture texture and designs, if you are looking to upgrade then include bold choices like industrial-inspired designs, deep wood, denim and other fabrics to bring in a wider range to your upgraded furniture.

Multi-functional furniture

The hottest trend of today is multi-functional furniture, which not only serves the purpose of looking stylish but also can be used for various other purposes like storage, charging points among others.

Metal furniture

Nowadays, metal furniture is a big hit among house owners who are planning to upgrade or change their living room furniture. Metal furniture has modern as well as classic designs with smart curves and angles to add a modern touch to your entire living room look.

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Get inspired by artists

It is your living room and you have every freedom to deck it up the way you want. Get artsy and become inspired by famous designs from various artists to come up with your own version of inspired furniture.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

If you are in a mood to explore, then mid-century modern furniture is the style for you. Comprising of sleek designs and retro colors, this line of furniture is perfect for those home owners, who want a sophisticated looking living room.

Invest in cushions/rugs

Include as many as cushions and rugs in your living room furniture upgrade as they not only add warmth to your living room, they also make it look more homely. 

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