Kitchen Re-modelling Ideas in 2020

Who doesn’t love a change? Your present kitchen maybe modular, up-to-date and very functional, but there is always scope for improvement.The kitchen is a vital part of any house and a little bit of change here and there is always welcome. Re-modelling your kitchen once in a while keep the space new and interesting and also works as an inspiration to experiment more.

With the dawn of the new decade, many exciting kitchen re-modelling trends have entered the market. Some of them may be interesting while some simply boring. Mentioned below are some of the top kitchen re-modelling ideas for 2020:

(1) Marble countertops: Most interior designers would advise against marble countertops as they are difficult to maintain. That trend is, however, changing as elegant Carrara marble countertops are finding a place in many homes. You can either opt for the real marble countertops or go for the all-white kitchen.

(2) Go for colours: This year, add some colour to your kitchen interiors either by installing cabinets or shelves of different colours like black and brown. The kitchen wall can be painted in bold colors or you can do a DIY art to deck up the walls. You can also install appliances of different shades like chic black or red to add some colour and therein, warmth and happiness to your pantry.

(3) Include metal in your kitchen:Metal in your kitchen is a relatively new concept but is catching up in2020. Metal can be installed in cabinet hardware and fixtures. House owners can also install metal siding for counterparts and shielding for the range hood. Try to include metal items in the form of brass candle holders, silver dishes,hanging pots and pans. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen this year,metal items must be top priority in your list.

(4) Go trendy with sinks: Sinks are considered the most boring part of any kitchen and hence any re-modelling must include them. To make the sinks attractive as well user-friendly, you can set up an integrated apron sink in stones like granite, mixed with brass designs. Such a design will look beautiful in anall-white/light coloured kitchen space.

(5) Work on your ceilings: In most cases, home owners tend to ignore the kitchen ceilings and just paint it white.If you are planning for re-modelling this year, work on your kitchen ceiling to make it look attractive. You can install beautiful lightings/fan or paint, do some DIY and get creative to come up with a cool and eye-catching kitchen ceiling.

(6) Woodmakes a comeback: A major highlight of the kitchen re-modelling trends of 2020 is that woodwork is here to stay. More and more home owners are investing in natural materials like wood, teak etc. Wooden cabinets, hardwood floors and butcher blocks are finding a place among the kitchen re-modelling projects taken up this new year.

For all your kitchen re-modelling needs, all you need to do is to contact the designers at Tiara Design to come up with a much-needed and beautiful makeover for your kitchen space.