We are almost half-way through 2020 and while the coronavirus may have put a stop to all our home design and décor plans, it does not hurt to think ahead and take a look at some must-have home décor ideas, which are going to be a sure hit, once things are back on track, whenever it might be. In this article we are concentrating on the main section of the home, where good food and therefore good memories are made- you guessed it right, it is the kitchen. If you love your kitchen and are either looking for a kitchen makeover or thinking of setting up a new kitchen, then these are the must-have kitchen design ideas for 2020. Read on to know more: 

Stone kitchen tops

A must-have kitchen design idea for this year is a kitchen top, set in stone. Porcelain and marble top the list of choices for material for setting up the kitchen counters. The main reason why people are attracted to stone kitchen tops is that not only do they look classy and elegant but are very easy to clean as well. If customers are not willing to spend so much on original stone, they can also opt for acrylic versions or concrete, both of which give off the feeling of real stone. If the home owner is really pleased with the stone kitchen tops, they can also use it as worktop surfaces as well as kitchen cabinet laminations. 

Hidden storage

Every home owner who is looking for different kitchen design in Ahmedabad is concerned about the storage space. With nominal living being the present-day mantra, interior designers are coming up with different innovative storage ideas like pop-up shelves, sliding doors and built-in dishwashers and freezer areas. The motive behind these hidden storage spaces is two-fold- secure enough storage space and stay true to the minimalistic look. 

Playing with colors

Another hot and trending must-have kitchen design idea is mixing and matching with different colors. The home owner has many options to choose from like light and dark colors, contrasting colors, two-tone aesthetic colors- the choices are endless. Instead of going for the normal colour combination, it is a good idea to try something different and “out-of-the-box”. 

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Be environment-friendly

An important point to keep in mind while looking up must-have kitchen design ideas is that it should be definitely environment friendly and should add to the climate change burden we are facing today. While setting up the kitchen designs, it is a good idea to choose environmental-friendly materials like making use of induction cooker to prepare food, installing the hot-water tap, which will offer you hot water whenever you require, without wasting electricity or water. Another important way you can be eco-friendly while setting up the kitchen is by making use of inbuilt recycling bins in the kitchen, which works well for the recycle and reuse model. 

Every home owner has their own idea about the dream kitchen and taking some tips from the must-have kitchen design ideas will help those looking for kitchen design ideas in Ahmedabad a long way in setting up their beautiful cooking spaces.