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Kitchen Designing Mistakes To Avoid

A kitchen is known to be the ‘heart and soul’ of a house and it is rightfully so.Cooking, eating, drinking, cleaning, socializing you name it, all happen in a kitchen and hence it is imperative that the Kitchen design is optimum to achieving harmony and ease in all the activities.
A kitchen layout should accomplish both elegance and practicality.
Here are some mistakes that can be avoided during designing of a kitchen:

  • Obstruction of the Kitchen triangle- The washing, cooking and storage (sink, stoveand refrigerator) also called the kitchen triangle, need to be positioned for ease of operation. Wash is used the most so it should be close with both cooking and refrigerator along with counter top workstations. Plumbing should best accommodate the sink.
  • Wastageof storage space- It is key to always create maximum possible storage areas for kitchen. The design should best utilise space (be small or large) and avoid wasting.
  • Counter space inadequate- Design should fit maximum open horizontal surface area in kitchen to provide ease of operation and space for location of appliances.
  • Inadequate/poor lighting- Not only for design or atmosphere but proper lighting is necessary for safety in kitchen. Better lighting can also better showcase design. Work areas should be evaluated and provided with required lighting.
  • No Backsplash- It is sometimes forgotten or forgone but is important for long-term maintenance of kitchen and saves time, cost and effort in long run.
  • Improper ventilation- Airing out/ventilation of kitchen is critical to kitchen design because nobody likes the lingering smell of food after completion of cooking. Avoid circulation of stale air.
  • Wong choice of Kitchen island- Placement and choice of island is key to avoid obstruction of traffic in kitchen triangle.
  • Ignoring recycling- Recycling is necessary and it is important to incorporate proper sorting bins etc. instead of just traditional trash options.
  • Too trend conscious- Look for long-term use of kitchen and avoid following trends of design and equipment unconsciously.

Not hiring professionals- it is better to hire professionals who have the latest ideas and experience to providing the best design for the space. Tiara furniture are equipped with professionals who are at your service with the latest designs. For further queries and details feel free to contact us at our official website.