The living room is a vital part of any home as it is the first area people see when they enter the house. And as the saying goes, “First impression is the best impression,” so it is very important to have a living room design, which impresses in the beginning itself. Furniture plays a significant role while going through the many design ideas for your living room. Just as the right kind of furniture brightens up your living room, the wrong furniture can spoil the look of the entire space. If you are on the look out for unique and “different” furniture design ideas, then read on as some out-of-the-box designs ideas for your living room are coming right up:

(1) Go for Statement Sofa Sets:

Just like their name suggests, statement sofa sets make a statement or impact in the living space they occupy. Available in themes like leather, vintage, classic and more, one statement sofa set is enough to enhance the beauty of the living room. The sofa set is perfect for people who believe in minimalistic living, yet want an impressive front room.

(2) Invest in Circular Sectional Couches:

A modern day furniture set, the circular sectional couch gives a bold and beautiful look to your living room. Clearly, one of the best furniture design ideas to invest in, the circular sectional couch can accommodate many people while the central piece works as an ottoman. What more do you need to complete the perfect living room look?

(3) Add some colour:

It is very important to have some colour in your living room space. One of the major living room designing trends to have some splashes of colours all over the room either through furniture or decorative items. In furniture, you can set up colour-co-ordinated sofas and centre tables. You can also set up a bold coloured single furniture piece like an armchair or table to add to the colourful ambience of the room.

(4) A functional central table:

The central table is “central” to the living room space. While choosing a central table, make sure that it functions not just as a simple table but must also have enough storage space, so that you can store your snacks, small tit-bits and reading books. Having that storage space declutters the central table and becomes useful when you have sudden guests.

(5) Give “wood” preference:

As a material, wood always works out well for furniture. In combination with white and black, it makes even an ordinary living room more special. Make use of wood to create uniquely designed table tops, chairs and all other types of furniture to leave a lasting impression on all guests. White, black and wooden furniture is a win-win combination, which simply cannot go wrong.

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There are many Furniture Design Ideas available in décor magazines, online websites and with interior designers. Taking advantage of all these, house owners must come with their own living room trends, which should first be comfortable and elegant, cosy to look at.