The kitchen is the most important part of any house. It is where delicious food and in turn delicious memories are made. Nowadays, with more and more people residing in flats with limited space, there are constraints on kitchen space as well. While we all may dream of a large, spacious kitchen, the reality is far from different. Most homes have an open kitchen with just enough space for day-to-day use as well as storage.

If you work in a small kitchen, then don’t’ fret. With a few tips and tricks, any kitchen can look extremely spacious. With the advent of technology, there are many modern and spacious kitchen designs to choose from. Interior designers work with home owners to come with up indigenous, modern and spacious kitchen designs, which not only satisfy all requirements but also give a classy and elegant feel. If this has got you interested, read on to know five different ways of creating a large kitchenette out of your small space.

Install Open Windows:

It is very important for kitchen spaces to have windows. If possible, interior designers opt for glass windows as it gives an elegant feel to the kitchen and makes even the smallest of spaces look bigger and better. If you have a glass window installed, you can open it in the morning when you enter the kitchen and roll it down at sunset. An open window will bring in light and sunshine into the kitchen, thus giving it a bigger and brighter feel.

Remove Extra Clutter:

A small kitchen is already struggling for space and if more clutter is added to it, it will look very small. The best way out of this problem is to set up separate spaces for all kitchen objects like hardware, chopping items, vessels, storage items, etc. Keep everything in its place and store away the extra clutter. This will naturally lead to your kitchen looking more spacious.

Set up LED lights:

Most of the present-day modular kitchens are now ditching large-sized bulbs and setting up LED lights. These types of lights are most preferred because are economically-friendly and don’t let out heat. The LED lights can fit into any kitchen space and with their lighting, make a small kitchen area look larger than usual.

Install glass door cabinets:

Another good way of giving a spacious look to your limited space is by setting up glass door cabinets. They have the dual advantage of adding more space to your kitchen as they look bigger and have a different appeal. In most kitchens,house owners install wooden cabinets but this year for a change, do go for the glass door cabinets as they have a completely distinctive aura about them. Glass door cabinets may be expensive in comparison to wooden cabinets, but it is a welcome custom kitchen design idea.

Install shelf uppers:

One of the modern and spacious kitchen designs is installing shelf uppers, if you have limited kitchen space. The biggest benefit of setting up shelf uppers is that being one of the new kitchen ideas, it adds to the aesthetics of the small kitchen space, without taking much too much storage area.

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Taking inspirations from these ideas, home owners can give their kitchen a complete makeover by turning the limited space into something spacious and elegant.