Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas which are trending in 2020

With the changing family setups, there is an ongoing change in homes and houses designs. The trends of house designs vary from modern to old school to fusion patterns. The concepts also vary from country to country, depending on the weather conditions and lifestyles. With each changing trend, there is always a newer feel in a few classic designs. Few parts of the house have certain peculiar requirements. One such is the kitchen. You can make drastic changes in the living room, study room, bedroom and even bathrooms. But in the kitchen, the scope is defined and you have to be creative in that limited scope.  

Kitchen is an area in the house where much experiment may lead to inconvenience in future. Exposure of this part of the house is with flames, fumes, smells, water, oil, certain acids, electronics and electricals. This place in the house needs the hygiene factor the topmost, being vulnerable to pest and bacteria generation. Also, the kitchen is a sacred space where you keep things you are going to consume, hence the place need to have positive vibes. Alongside the vibes, it also needs to be convenient as it has multiple activities to be conducted by specific tools. Cabinet designs are of major significance when we are referring to convenience. Interior and cabinets in the kitchen should be able to offer elegance with convenience. Let’s look at twenty trends that are to rock in 2020.

1) Pastel Hues with soothing & consistent look

2) Floating Cabinets with skirtings to give the depth look

3) Hide & Seek, with electronics and utilities in tandem with platforms

4) White interior cabinets with diamond mesh on doors

5) Grey & Ash tone to match steel and black & white interiors

6) Metallic pop cabinet in nude colour interiors

7) Cabinet with internal colour pop

8) Dual-tone for natural light to play with white top and dark cabinets

9) Wooden texture with textured tiles to give a rustic natural look

10) Open cabinets with shelves and drawers

11) Raised Cabinets above the platforms

12) Cabinet doors with opaque glass to give nautical effect

13) Glossy finish with colour play to reflect light

14) Distressed effect cabinets for a time-worn look 

15) Sliding cabinets to enjoy more space

16) Reclaimed wood for a vintage look

17) Sky-high effect cabinets with standalone cabinets

18) Textured block cabinets to give a geometric look

19) Cream cabinets with fancy wooden handles and hardware

20) Classic White, glossy and plain look

Which one is your preferred style? You can select from the options that suit best to your interior plans. If you need consulting we are here for you. 

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