Choosing The Right Colour Combinations In Your Custom Kitchen

As a homeowner, if you want to go for custom kitchen designs, choosing the right colour combination is quite essential. When the colour combination is right, the overall décor of the kitchen is readily enhanced. So, if you are confused about which colour to select and which one to avoid, it would be a very good idea to hire a modular kitchen expert like Tiara Furniture System for the most effective help in this regard.

Colours to Avoid

If you are on the verge of renovating or remodelling your kitchen or designing a new kitchen in your new house, there are certain colours which would not be suitable and hence best to be avoided.

Eggshell or White

Keeping the colour of the kitchen white might not be the best choice for your kitchen. Firstly, it gets dirty or stained within a short period of time and secondly it might have a great impact on the final selling price of your home. But you can incorporate few white elements in the kitchen like counter tops, cabinets etc.


Grey might be a trendy colour but when used in the kitchen makes the kitchen very dark which in turn makes the kitchen look or appear smaller that what it actually is. Even if you want to include grey, you can try the same in the bottom cabinetry of the kitchen which will certainly make it stand out.


Similar to the grey colour, brown would also darken the kitchen and as a homeowner you would not want the heart of your house to appear dark or dim. The dark colour would give you a feel that the kitchen is much smaller as compared to what it is and hence better to avoid its use in the kitchen.

Avoiding the Kitschy Colours

For the kitchen, it would be ideal to avoid the kitschy colours and here is how you can effectively do the same.

Go Neutral

Going for the neutral colours are extremely versatile and is actually the perfect canvas for personalising your taste. Most importantly, the neutrals provide the appropriate base for a wide range of contrasting colours. Addition of texture will add a great impact to the neutral kitchen and hence is ideal for the kitchen.

Use Complementary Colours as Per the Size of the Kitchen

It would be a very good idea to use such colours which necessary complements the size of your kitchen. Using such colours would make the kitchen appear bigger than its actual size with a brighter appearance.

Colour Combinations You Can Try

Another way which would make your kitchen look cool are as discussed below.

Soft Blue and Bold Blue

The combination of two different shades of blue would be ideally suited to the kitchen. It would not only enhance the look of your kitchen but also would make it appear brighter and colourful.

Midnight Black and Bright Red

Black and red are always a fantastic combination of colours which when used in the kitchen can take the look of the kitchen to a next different level. But you need to keep in mind, the incorporation of black colour will make the kitchen dark and hence appropriate lighting is mandatory.

Lime and Lemon

The combination of lime and lemon would just be ideal choice for the kitchen since both the shades complement each other very well. Moreover, the combination being of a light shade it brightens up the kitchen to a great extent.

Apart form the colour combinations mentioned above, there are a number of other combinations which can be used in the kitchen which depends on several factors such as kitchen size, lighting of the kitchen etc. So, it would be a good choice to call in for the help of the experts to make the most appropriate selection of colours or colour combinations in your kitchen.