6 Kitchen Design ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is a showplace of the Home. It is required to function well for a wide variety of tasks. A well planned and designed kitchen is capable of providing a sense of utility and also become a perfect favorite place of all the members of the family. So while you plan and take steps to design your Kitchen you must consider two major factors – its utility and its look.

6 Kitchen design tips

While designing your kitchen you must take various things into consideration such as Will your Kitchen has an island? What kind of lights will you be integrating into your kitchen design? How will be the overall look of your kitchen – traditional or modern? What kind of appliances will be adding in your new Kitchen?

Integrate a Kitchen Island in your Kitchen Design

Whether you are redesigning your kitchen or planning to integrate a new design altogether, you must keep in mind the basic design considerations.

You must plan out whether you will be integrating a Kitchen island or peninsula in your Kitchen? Kitchen islands have invaluable benefits which create a functional social space for your family to gather, cook, eat and share memories.

Kitchen islands have invaluable benefits which create a functional social space for your family to gather, cook, eat and share memories.

You can connect the kitchen to a nearby room or dining area which creates a great room and elongates the space. A Kitchen island allows the cook to talk and maintain visual contact with the family members or the guests while cooking.

Set the tone of your kitchen according to the Kitchen Cabinets

You can set the tone of the entire Kitchen based on the Kitchen Cabinets. The choice of wood that you choose can help you in determining the overall look of the cabinets.

You can create a light look by using light wood like ash, beech, birch, oak, maple or chestnut. There are different cabinet styles you can choose – traditional, country, shaker and contemporary.

For medium-range, you can opt for cherry. For darker kitchens, you can choose the wood that has color.

Plan out on how you will use your Cabinet and Drawers in the Kitchen

Draft a plan on how you will be using your kitchen cabinets and how much space will they occupy. Determine how much storage is required in your new kitchen design.

Under Cabinet Kitchen lightning

Kitchen lighting is often the most ignored area when you plan your kitchen design. The counter areas can be dark and so we suggest under-cabinet lighting can help while working in the kitchen. You can use fluorescent lights and simple spots to make the smaller kitchen look a bit larger than its usual size.

Decide the type of Countertop

Granite, Marble, and Limestone are popular materials for countertops. Ceramic Tile Countertops have many benefits such as they are versatile, practical and available in various patterns, colors, shapes, patterns, and finishes. Solid surfaces are available in various colors, patterns, and styles.

They are stain and heat resistant. Concrete countertops are strong and versatile. Wood countertops are easy to clean and long-lasting in nature. However, its major disadvantage is that it won’t bear exposure to water and household chemicals.

Kitchen Canopy

A Kitchen Canopy creates a perception of spaciousness. It gives the kitchen visible borders without blocking the views.  Want to design a beautiful kitchen? Get in touch with Tiara Furniture give your home design a new lift with our premium kitchen design services. 

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