5 Tips To Perfect Your Kitchen Furniture Design

Kitchen is best known as the heart of the home. Therefore designing the kitchen in the most careful and functional manner is a must. Create your ideal kitchen space with Tiara’s 5 creative and innovative tips to perfect your kitchen furniture design. 

1. Two-Tone Furniture –

 – A simple contrast of color and texture in the kitchen island can uplift and change the dimension of the kitchen space.

 – You can for different color tones like – white and blue color tone, black and gold cabinets, cool brown and white cabinetry.

 – Using grey and wood is eye-catching. Coral cabinets can give the required sharp pop in an all-white kitchen.

2. Island Design –

 – Kitchen islands serve a number of purposes from being a visual anchor in the space to increasing your kitchen’s efficiency and functionality.

 – Adding seating to the island is the best way to increase its functionality.

 – A kitchen island also makes the environment more social for the guests and the cook.

 – It can also be used for storage and to avoid clutter by using drawers, cupboards and shelves.

 – Adding sinks and stove tops into the surface of the island helps in spreading the workflow of the kitchen.

3. Lighting –

 – Just as you need a healthy breakfast your kitchen needs the right lighting. You can go for three types of lighting – ambient, task and accent.

Ambient – These lights are the main source of lights and are used in ceiling.

TaskTask lights are used to illuminate cabinets and workspace. Strip and puck lights can be used as task lights in the kitchen.

Accent – Accent lights accentuate your favorite elements of the kitchen. Toe kick lights and cabinet lights are the best type of accent lights to brighten up your kitchen.

4. Kitchen Cabinets –

 – Kitchen cabinets are the best furniture to help you get organized and rid yourself of clutter anxiety.

 – Pull out drawers installed under the sink can be used as a multiuse drawer for segregating garbage, recycling and composting it.

 – You can also neatly arrange pots and pans, various kitchen appliances in the Kitchen Cabinets.

 – Depending on the space available you can also store detergents, cleaning supplies, laundry pantry etc.

5. Pantry –

 – A well-designed kitchen pantry can be of several types – built-in,   freestanding, walk-in, butler’s pantry or you can also opt for a combination of all.

 – Organizing a pantry helps to free up space and keep the kitchen clutter-free.

 – Customized shelves and bins can be installed to make an organized pantry.

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