5 Points To Help Select The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet

5 Points To Help Select The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet-Tiara Furniture Systems

Choosing the right Kitchen Cabinet is the most important decision when you are planning to remodel your kitchen. In recent years, Kitchen Cabinets have undergone many changes. When it comes to choosing the colour, finishing and overall design of the cabinets the owners always want to add a unique and personal touch to it. Read the blog to know the 5 points that will help you select the perfect Kitchen Cabinet.

(1) Choose cabinet door profile first – Cabinet doors are first and the most visible elements of your kitchen. So, you must start by planning the door profile of your kitchen cabinets. Shaker style cabinets are versatile and add a classic touch to your kitchen. They are available in different colours. If you wish to go for a modern design with clean, sleek lines, you can opt for a flat door for your kitchen cabinet. If you prefer a vintage look, distressed cabinetry perfectly defines the old world charm.

(2) Choose the right wood for your cabinet – Firstly, determine the space of your kitchen for deciding on the wood for your cabinets. Wood cabinets come across in various varieties from natural to wood to hardwood. The most popular are Alder and Pine cabinets because of their durability and cost. Maple and Walnut are different varieties of hardwood. They offer an upscale look and appearance to the kitchen. The type of wood varieties to be used also depends on the colour combination you choose for your kitchen. The other two factors that play a major role are square footage and lighting. Choosing a dark cabinet in a smaller space will make space feel smaller.

(3) Elegant Decorative Accents/Hardware – Hardware also plays an important role while deciding on the Kitchen. It gives the right finishing touch to your cabinet. Always align your hardware with the style of the cabinet doors. A simple door knob goes well with a sleek cabinet door. Also one of the most important hardware is the hinges. If you choose exposed hinges for your cabinet style then keep it the same for the rest of the hardware too.

(4) Decide on the framing – While deciding on the look of a cabinet you must also decide whether you will be framing the cabinets or not. Traditional kitchens mostly have framed cabinets, where the frame is attached to the opening and hinges are often visible. For cabinets where the door is attached to the side with no hinges and hardware, you should consider going frameless.

(5) Don’t miss the Lights – Lighting plays a crucial role in changing the look of any space. Integrated lighting is becoming very popular in Kitchen Cabinets. Integrated lighting in cabinets can be of different types such as fixtures that turn on when you open the cabinets and the basic under cabinet LED lights that are easily available and can be installed too.

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