5 perfect modular kitchen designs by Tiara Furniture

Our custom kitchen is a perfect mix of excellent craftsmanship and contemporary designs. Our custom kitchen works like a visual exclamation mark that adds life to your home. Through this blog, we would like to introduce you to our spectacular 5 modular kitchens designs which you have always dreamt of –

T1 Modular Kitchen –

Well appointed and classically designed T1 modular kitchen’s simplicity is equipped with the best functional and long term features. Clean, uninterrupted lines that seemingly speak for themselves and which create a stunning space in your home. T1 Modular Kitchen has all the qualities that command the eye with its state of the art design. A perfect Masterpiece in itself!

T2 Modular Kitchen –

Sophisticated, subtle and restrained in its design, T2 is an absolute example of lavish cooking space that is generous in its sizing yet intensely personal in its feel. It cool counters give a soothing visual experience. A striking light panel sheds homogenous glow across the layout which is connected to the glass paneling and breakfast corner. The floating chimney adds as a visual anchor to the steel, walnut and granite in the modular kitchen design.

T3 Modular Kitchen-

Tiara’s T3 Modular Kitchen Design is beyond the conventional kitchen design. Its strong, freestanding modern kitchen design makes a striking kitchen design that allows you to multitask with the utmost ease. It has a large center island made from veneer and lacquer, with a sink and seating area. T3’s intelligently designed all-encompassing design and plenty of space require no other storage options.

T4 Modular Kitchen –

T4 with its modern aesthetics and immaculate construction techniques is a kind of kitchen you can make a home around. Its linear plan offers base units, tall units, wall units custom kitchen cabinet and functional open boxes. Its innovatively smart on storage and has a seamless flow that is effortless.

T5 Modular Kitchen –

Ergonomically designed for maximum ease of use and quick access, T5 offers modern yet contemporary aesthetics coupled with a traditional kitchen layout. It is equipped with a flexible organizer system which is customized as per our customer’s needs. Organize your cutlery an kitchen tools with T5’s high-end organization system which exudes extreme order and clarity. It offers the advantage of technology along with the comfort of durability.

Tiara Furniture’s excellent customer service and impeccable modular kitchen designs are well appreciated by our loyal customers. If you are searching for a perfect kitchen designer, Tiara Furniture is the perfect brand you should bank on.

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